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Mendirman Jaloliddin

Jalal al-Din Khwarazmshah, the ruler of the Khwarazmian Empire, initiated a tragic but united struggle against the Mongol invasion. After unsuccessful attempts by the Khwarazm shahs to stop the Mongol invasion that began in the Central Asian steppes, Jalal al-Din, the last ruler of the empire, put dynastic fights between Seljuks and Khwarazmians aside, and tried to establish a united front to stop the Mongols.

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Genre: ActionBiographyHistory



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Imran khan

at 2:30 am

Please 🙏 administrator of the Dirilis TV website translate the Kazakh sanate drama thanks ❤️❤️❤️


at 11:03 pm


Khalid Naseer

at 10:53 am

Good web site

amjad ali

at 12:24 pm

MENDIRMAN JALOLIDDIN season 1 completed with 13 Episodes.
Season 2 or Episode 14 will start from 10 Nov 2021.
So, please
Stay at Home and Have a Long Rest.


Ahmad Nawaz Awan

Ahmad Nawaz Awan

at 1:38 pm

why episode 14 has not been released yet.

Azhar Bukhari

at 5:28 pm

14 episode on upload ho ga

Abdul Majeed

at 3:57 pm

MENDIRMAN JALOLIDDIN season 1 completed with 13 Episodes.
Season 2 or Episode 14 will start from 10 Nov 2021.
So, please
Stay at Home and Have a Long Rest.

Raja Basit

at 11:19 pm

Episode 14 ?????
Seson 2

Raja Basit

at 11:19 pm

Episode 14 ?????

Azhar Bukhari

at 2:29 pm

Great job . Jza ka Allah

Azhar Bukhari

at 1:04 pm

Episode 14 kb upload hoga or kis time ?

Azhar Bukhari

at 12:58 pm

Bhot khoob . Zabrdast website hy

Rashid Alam Bhatt

at 1:00 am

kindly tell the time & date for next 14 no episode we can see.this time did not see this no

Rashid Alam Bhatt

at 12:56 am

when next episode will on the web side

تنویر بن یوسف

at 12:37 am

When will be uploaded episode #14


at 9:44 pm

14 episode kub upload ho gi


at 7:36 pm

sir teskilat ka bhi tarjuma karen please please


at 7:23 pm

When season 2 will be uploaded??
Kindly please tell.


at 5:20 pm

Season 2 kab aye ga??

Arshad Ali

at 3:10 pm

14 episode of jaloliddin???

Nomi khan

at 2:53 pm

By episode 14 kab aye gi

Arshad Ali

at 11:21 am

Episode number 14?

Sheheryar Wazir

at 10:16 am

Episode 14 kab tak ajai ga ?

yasir saeed

at 8:37 am

season 2 kab uplode hogi


at 7:16 am

14 episode kub upload jo gi

Muhammad Waqas Zakir

at 6:57 am

Next Season Kab Start Ho Ga


at 2:49 am

ep 14 kab aaey ge plz date bata dain

Malik Azhar Shahzad

at 12:22 am

Any News About Episode 14 ?

Shahzad Fahad

at 11:31 pm

when you upload episode 14

Muhammad usman

at 10:38 pm

Season 2 kab ayega

Abrar Majeed

at 8:25 pm

Epi 14 kn ani he

Sajid Ali

at 7:57 pm

Is 13 episode is the last one ?
If not then when is episode 14 is going to be released?


at 8:43 am

When Upload season 2 episode of drama jalaludin khawarzam

Rao zahid

at 12:05 am

Well job guys very well season 2 kb tk dekhne ko mile ga


at 1:18 am

بھائی۔قسط13میں ترجمہ پہلے ھوتا اور اصل بولنے والا ازبک الفاظ کئی لمحے بعد میں ادا کرتا ھے۔کہیں آواز ھی نہیں ھے۔کافی مسائل چھوڑے ھیں آپ نے اس بار ترجمہ آگے پیچھے کردیا۔۔امید ھے آئند ہ خیال رکھیں گے اور بہتر کریں گے۔شکریہ


at 7:34 pm

sir teşkilat series ka bhi tarjuma karen please


at 10:37 pm

sir teskilat ka bhi tarjuma karen please


at 5:41 pm

Bhai Jalal al-din episode 13 urdu sub


at 3:59 pm


Arshad Ali

at 1:38 pm

Very nice work. Keep it up team dirilis tv.


at 3:37 am

Next episode kab ayega

amjad ali

at 8:40 pm

vice kaha he bahi


at 6:47 am

humne drils tv download kiya but ye open hi nahi hora app webside pe dekhna pdta its so uneasy plz help

Muhammad Umer Lari

at 7:37 pm

Mendirman Jaloliddin episode 12 ?

Ghazanfar Siddique

at 2:30 pm

How i can download these all episodes from that page??

Ahsan Ullah Khan

at 6:50 pm

Drills Tv is doing fantastic job by uploading the historical drama in Urdu subtitle. Keep it up

Wajahat Ali

at 8:09 pm

Plz upload episode 11


at 8:03 pm

Sir episode11 upload kare


at 5:40 pm

why episode post late here ?


at 5:10 pm

11 episode kab upload ho ga


at 5:07 pm

11 episode kab upload ho ge

Abdullah natiq

at 4:47 pm

Sir Plzz kindly tell me Ep#11 kab Upload hogi?????????


at 3:31 pm

please tell when episode 11 upload


at 1:04 am

Bhai “OK.ru” server py upload kia kro

Wajahat Ali

at 12:47 am

Sir Plzz kindly tell me Ep#10 kab Upload hogi?????????

Wajahat Ali

at 12:45 am

Hardly Waiting for Episode 10…………………………….

Wajahat Ali

at 12:43 am

Hardly Waiting for Episode 10

Imran Ali

at 7:23 pm

Aslam O Aliakum Bro Episode 10 kb upload karem gy Aap

Muhammad younus

at 10:47 am

I like your translation . Among all of others your translation is best. Keep it up don’t give it bro.

Muhammad younus

at 10:46 am

I like your trnaslation . Among all of others your translation is best. Keep it up don’t give it bro.

Iftikhar khan

at 10:50 pm

جلال الدین کی قسط 9 کب اپلوڈ ہو گی


at 6:51 pm

This chennal is the best chennal ❤️

Muhammad Younis

at 10:36 am

where is episode 9?


at 11:38 pm

Plzz watch time why are lAte your website dear


at 8:29 pm

Why Mendirman Jaloliddin episodes late. plz if available upload. or any address?

Sulaiman fathiu

at 1:25 am

Please try to paste the english sub for those of us who do not understand urdu


at 7:20 am

sir episode tora jalede sa dala karo

Waheeda Hakimzada

at 6:44 am

I really like 👍 dirilis.tv all shows nice

Malik Irfan RB

at 5:28 pm

Waiting for episode 8


at 1:07 pm

Kab Tak upload ho gi episode no 7.plz tell me.sir


at 12:31 pm

What is the real youtube channel of Mendirman Jaloliddin??

Farooq Ahmed Pirzada

at 7:40 pm

ڈونیٹ کرنے کی کوشش کی لیکن آپ کی کاوءنٹ لمٹ ایکسیڈ کر گءی ہے۔

MD mosharraf

at 3:56 pm

Nice sriyal

siraj maseed

at 2:11 pm

episode 7 kb deka rahe ho

siraj maseed

at 2:10 pm

episode 7 kb deka rahe ho


at 3:00 pm

what is reason behind the closure of this website ??you are doing very well. I can not understand why you are not uploading new episodes of Mendirman Celiliddin and Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu? why have you left translation ??any probem?tell us.

Ansar Iqbal

at 11:15 am

episode 7 upload hogi ya nahin ??


at 10:47 pm

Episode 7 ke koi update


at 4:08 pm

Kitnai baje upload ho gi.sir episode 7 plz tell me

Rehan Arabi

at 2:17 pm

Aap please Web site band na kare aap bahot achche insan h sab

Rehan Arabi

at 2:14 pm

7th episode kaha h bhai


at 1:17 pm


Arshad Ali

at 7:17 pm

7th episode please.


at 9:33 pm

Yar drama chal hi nai raha ..koi error aa jata hy

shayan riaz

at 8:19 pm

video chal nhi ek bhi.

fatima zahid

at 9:55 pm

Jis din ap episode upload krte hain us din lgai tw chl jati video lkin agle hi din play hi ni hoti… Iski Kya reason h???

Hassan Abbasi

at 7:48 pm

Very good drama.


at 1:56 pm

Bhai bta to dia kro k kitne bjy upload kro gy


at 1:33 pm

Jaloldin episode 5 kitnai baje upload ho gi plz tell me

Tayyab Amanat

at 1:20 pm

bhai 5 # episode upload kry ….


at 6:37 am

Bhai 5 episode upload krain plz

Arshad Ali

at 10:48 pm

Urduca beşinci bölüm ne zaman çıkacak?


at 10:25 pm


Muhammad imran

at 3:03 pm

Very good result 🌹🌹🌹🌹

Zia Usmani

at 3:47 am

Excellent Translation. Good work for remembrance of Muslim History

Ibrahim Saghir

at 3:26 pm

Beautiful result and good subtitles thank you

Rabnawaz ansari

at 3:12 pm

I like this stories please download links

Rabnawaz ansari

at 3:11 pm

I like this stories

Mustansar Ali

at 11:53 am

Outstanding series I love history and also thanks drillis tv

محمد علی

at 9:34 pm

محمد علی

Rabnawaz ansari

at 12:16 am

2, 2021 at 2:50 am

Beautiful result and good subtitles thank you

Ahsan khan

at 11:52 pm

I love it

Ali Ansar

at 7:23 pm

oooo bhai ab to 7:22


at 2:52 pm

When episode will be on air? In Urdu subtitle

Sheraz Ahsan

at 1:20 pm

Payithat Abdul Hamid drama ka Urdu subtitles bhi da dain


at 12:06 pm



at 1:33 am

Can you do English Subtitles plz?


at 9:24 pm

Bro when is the episode uploaded?

dua emaan

at 10:14 pm


Muzammil kamboo

at 2:50 am

Beautiful result and good subtitles thank you for dirillis tv team


at 2:13 am

Thanks bro. ..plz upload 2nd part.

Syed rafiullah

at 9:17 pm

Full episode lab AAA’s g a

younas khan

at 8:31 pm

hi you must provide the full episode with urdu and english if you want to be No 1


at 4:49 pm

Episode 3 a chuki hai bhai kb upload hoga yahan py?


at 6:52 am

what is the schedule of uploading new episode on this website?
when it is broadcast of their tv?
when does your team make it subtitle and upload at this website?


at 2:25 pm

plz urdu kay font size ko barra krain

sohail hunjra

at 10:06 pm



at 7:02 pm

Bhai time bata do plz kitny bjy upload hoga

Abdul Majid

at 6:21 pm

Mendirman jaloliddin episode 2 kab upload hoga


at 9:59 am

Episode 3 kb upload hoga


at 9:37 pm

I cant find any epi why?


at 5:39 pm

Why is late next episode?

Patricia Schoolcraft

at 2:28 am

I love learning about the Muslim history.


at 2:41 pm



at 2:40 pm



at 2:14 pm

Episode kaha ha

Shakeel Ahmad Tahir

at 1:49 pm

ma sha allah what a nice urdu sub tiltles

Shakeel Ahmad Tahir

at 1:46 pm

ma shallah what a nice sub tiltles


at 10:24 am

What happend i cant open


at 10:10 am

i like turkish dramas

Ghangla Royal

at 9:51 am



at 8:35 am