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at 3:48 pm

Episode 53 kb tk upload ho jay gi ❤️❤️


at 3:26 pm

Episode 26 kab upload kro ya
Jaldi kro


at 2:26 pm

bhai ep 53 kab ayga please bata dain


at 12:21 pm

Waiting for 26 episode , plz upload krdeyn jaldi


at 8:35 pm

Episode 24
50.bölum 🙄👉🕚


at 11:59 am

Plz 🙏🙏🙏 upload episode no.24

Uzair Ahmed

at 9:06 pm

Episode 24?

Qulxam shah

at 5:37 pm

Bhai 51 bolum q nhi araha ha abhi tak

Md Rahmatullah Ansari

at 1:35 pm

When will you upload episode 24


at 1:05 pm

Plz Upload Epi 24


at 9:03 am

Plz Upload Episode 24


at 6:49 am

Where is krulus osman’s episode 51

محمد منیر افضل

at 6:05 am

خوبصورت اردوترجمہ انتظار نہ کروایا کریں شکریہ


at 3:11 am

Hello AAdmin 51 Episode kyun upload abhi tak nahi hui?

Altaf Hussain

at 2:49 am

24 episode kr do upload bhai plz


at 7:47 pm

kb upload ho gee episode 24

CH hussain Hunjra Sab

at 6:11 pm

Bawa Admin g Yar jaldi jaldi 24 wala episode upload krdy Osman Ko bachana bi ha ma nyyy shabashh admin jaldii Post kr var


at 5:21 pm

slamat rhain
fantastic work


at 2:36 pm

When 24 episode upload?


at 10:19 am

Plz upload 23 episode


at 11:39 pm

Where is 30 episode why loaded late pls guide

Ehtisham Nazir

at 6:59 pm

Your work is good, but please please please upload in mp4 format


at 10:08 pm

Dear sir please upload kurulos osman episode 30 thanks Dirilis TV very nice 👌👌👌👌💕💕💕


at 10:08 pm

Dear sir please upload kurulos osman episode 30 thanks Dirilis TV very nice 👌👌👌👌💕💕💕


at 10:07 pm

Dear sir please upload kurulos osman episode 30 thanks Dirilis TV very nice 👌👌👌👌💕💕💕

Zeeshan khokhar

at 2:10 pm

Upload 22 please

farhan mehrvi

at 11:50 am

49 epusode kb aaigi?

inam sukhera

at 7:14 am

22 episode kb upload ho hi

Tassawar Abbas

at 6:29 pm

Hey, can admin provide assistance to cast these videos on android tv?

Stephen C Mraw

at 6:33 pm

We loved Ertugrul on Netflix. How do I watch the next whole series, Osman, here in the USA? Thanks Steve

Khalid tajek

at 2:15 am

بہت خوبصورت

Zeeshan khokhar

at 10:33 am

Dear admin PLEASE uploaded a new 21 episode

mian javed

at 10:08 am

episode 48 osman


at 8:02 am

Please upload ep-21 as soon as posible


at 4:53 pm

Sir upload 20

Waqas Bin Zaheer

at 3:48 pm

EPSODE 20. mp4 streaming as webem is not downloadable and conversion is non resumable.
other downloadable link. plz share .mp4 of 1-1.5 gb size 720p -540p, thanks

Tighe Ali

at 3:29 pm

When you will be able to the latest episode of kurluos usman season 2 episode 47.
Plz hurry up

Tighe Ali

at 9:02 am

Always looking for new episode

Meher Nawaz

at 7:25 pm

Admin ap rip files upload q nahi kertey???

Deb Tec

at 3:09 am

Great bhai air movies BH I upload Karo very nice

Deb Tec

at 3:08 am

Great bhai air movies BH I upload karo


at 11:32 am

Bhai kitny bjy upload hoga episode


at 1:02 am

Good JOB!!!
Ala kam kia ala


at 2:49 pm

44 episode kb Tak upload ho ge

Muhammad Uzair

at 12:59 pm

Bhai jan kurulus Usman season2 episode 44 in Urdu kub tak ahe ga


at 11:43 am

44 kurlus osman kb upload hoga


at 1:47 am

17 plz kab up load hogi.

Muhammad Imran

at 11:27 am

translation and picture quality is very good

Irshad Ah. Bhat

at 7:06 pm

Plz upload season 2 episode 17/44

Maaz Ghazi

at 8:45 pm

آپ لوگ ۴۳ (43) ویں قسط کب اپلوڈ کرنے والے ہے؟؟
جلدی کرے۔

Saqlain Haider

at 8:23 pm

Yar aaj ap ki web site pe kurulus Osman open q nai ho rha not found aa rha hai kia msla hai jnb


at 7:33 pm

16 episode kb upload karen gy ???? Ya hum kisi or pages sy dekh lain


at 4:18 pm

When you will upload episode 16


at 3:05 pm

waiting for today epoisod please upload .urdutv upload on perority why u are so late

Rana Yaseen

at 9:12 pm

when will be uploaded ep 16

بلال خان

at 9:35 pm

ڈرامے کی 42 اپیسوٹ آ گی ہے اور آ پ کی ابھی 22 اپیسوٹ آ ی ہیں

فیصل جانی مومند

at 6:52 pm

اسلام علیکم دیرلش ٹی وئ
ہم نے اور چینل پر ڈرامہ دیکھنا چھوڑ ہے اپ صاحبا ں بھی مہربانی کرکے ڈرامہ کو توڑا جلد افلوڈکیا کرو


at 6:04 pm

Waiting for episode 15


at 3:51 pm


Anas Yunus Piracha

at 3:24 pm

When will you upload Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 15(42)?

Muhammad Zeeshan Noor

at 11:46 pm

Bhai 15 episode upload krdo agai hai..

آصف سدھ

at 8:56 am


Syed Ammar

at 8:37 am

Epissode 15 when will upload its already tuesday and you didnt upload it on previous thursday

Syed Ammar

at 8:35 am

When episode 15 will be uplaoded? Kindly upload it plzz


at 2:31 pm

When episode 15 of kurulus osman will be uploaded????


at 3:58 pm

what about episode 15 sir?


at 2:22 am

Sir episode 15 upload nai hoe? Thursday ko hoti i think


at 8:52 pm

15 episode??????

Maria Jamal

at 11:54 pm

Sir download nae horae method bataden plzz


at 10:46 am

Kamal ki website hai translation resulation dono kamal ki hain Hywallah


at 10:28 pm

Thanks bhai bahot ahi trasnlation ha aur quality bhi Allah ap ko hamesha kamaybi ata kre.


at 9:10 pm

How do i download episode from this tv


at 9:09 pm

How do i download episode???

Basharat ali

at 5:54 pm

Sir.ap ki translation sab se achi hoti hai.Allah ap ko jazai e khair de..ameen


at 5:47 pm

Please upload 14 Fast
Best Video Quality and Translation

Raja shafiq Ahmed

at 4:56 pm

Ma sha Allah janb bhot zaberdast kam ho rh ha hi ma hemesha 1080 me download kr k dhkta aur acha razalt need tarjam bhot ala aur saf hota hai

Rana zahid

at 4:45 pm

Please upload eps 14

Muhammad Rafi

at 2:29 pm

Aasalam o aaliykum
Admin Kiya ap khariyat say hain ?
Ajj apnay Ep -14 Posting karnay may bohat dair kar di.
Allah apkay liea Asani farmaie.

Muhammad Hamza

at 2:08 pm

bhai episode 14 kb upload ho gee

ansar ali

at 1:29 pm

bhai jaldi apload kar dena 14


at 1:06 pm

Bhai plzz aj to jaldi upload kar dena..ep14…


at 1:05 pm

Bhai plzz aj to jaldi upload kar dena..ep14…


at 7:25 pm

When will episode 14 come

amjad ali

at 6:09 pm

ep whin upl 14


at 11:13 am

Bhai kal upload ho ga ep13.. jaldi kar dena aj plzz….waiting anxiously.


at 11:12 am

Bhai kab upload ho gi ep13. Plzz jaldi kar den upload. …

amjad ali

at 7:14 pm



at 9:06 am



at 5:50 pm

Bhai jaldi upload kar dia karen plzzz


at 5:07 pm

5.07 PM tak ap ki episode 12 nahi uploade hwi


at 4:08 pm

Waiting for episode 12


at 10:00 am

Salam bhai aj jaldi upload kar dena . Ep12 we are anxiously waiting for this….plzzz


at 9:14 am

when uh will upload episode 12

Syed Mudassir

at 3:26 am

Asslam o alaikum episodes 39 iab upload krain gay?

Noman khan

at 3:32 pm

Waiting for episode 12


at 10:36 am

Salam; bhai episode jaldi upload kar dia karen plz. Kal kafi late upload ki thi ap ne plz meri guzarish he ap se jaldi upload kar dia karen pehle dopehr tak ap upload kar detey they. Lekin aj kal kafi late arahi. Dowload karni hoti he to us men time lag jata he. Is liye ap ko kaha. Shukriya.

Nazam S Kokhar

at 8:11 pm

Thanks for uploading the video. We all anxiously wait for this.


at 2:42 pm

Salam bahi..when episode 11 will upload..
Moreover your better than giveme5 and others. Because your video is clean,there is no extra signs and marks. Thats why I love your website.

Ahmad Bilal Official

at 2:32 pm

Please upload episode 11


at 5:42 pm

hi bro when upload 11 episode

amjad ali

at 5:06 pm

hi bro when upload 11 episode

Sibtain CHEEMA

at 11:48 pm

You are better than Give Me 5 and others

Sibtain CHEEMA

at 11:46 pm

ALLAH Razo su


at 9:07 pm

Assalam o alikum aik request hy ap sy

Gul Qadir

at 5:09 pm

Yar kab aya ga episode 10

Abdul Wahab

at 4:49 pm

When will you upload episode 10….please tell

Abdul Wahab

at 4:49 pm

When will you upload episode 10????


at 3:39 pm

بھائی کبھی سٹائٹل کا کلر سفید کر دیں تو مہربانی ہوگی

Adeem Mahmood

at 2:19 pm

Wait for episode 10, thanks.

Khalil Rehman

at 10:01 am

Please video control button add krein…mira mtlb jisy asani se Quality change hosaky Shukria 👍


at 3:45 pm

Episode 10 kab aye ge
Bivi k etna wait ni kiya jita es Episode ka wait kartay hy

Waheed ullah shah

at 1:00 pm

اللہ آپ سے راضی ہو

Waheed ullah shah

at 12:58 pm


Muhammad Sudheer

at 3:15 am

Episode 9

Adeel hassan

at 12:58 am


Heyem Omar

at 11:44 pm

trying real hard to find a link to season 2 , always run in to someone asking me sing into some kind of sight and ask for money .so please make it easer for people to watch . in my opinion audience and gaining popularity is more important than all those people trying to make it so hard for people and people will give up .

Saad ali

at 1:02 pm

Plzz apny logo ka size thoda chotta krdein

Saad ali

at 1:01 pm

Plzz apny logo ka size thoda small krdein

Imran khan

at 5:11 pm

I don’t have email account..

Mohammad Zahid

at 10:57 am

Your are good person

Drama and movies channel

at 1:03 am

When episode 7 will upload with Urdu subtitles

Drama and movies channel

at 1:02 am

When episode 7 will upload


at 4:19 am

Please change change text cloure to yellow and upload drama younes emery and more historical drama’s


at 6:59 am

Please upload season 1